The Vogue Charity Fashion Show (VCFS) is an annual performance produced and executed entirely by Queen’s University students. First established in 1997, the ever-expanding show has attracted a diverse audience from both Kingston and other cities, and has proven to be a creative spectacle, fusing fashion, dance, and art on one stage. The cast is now comprised of over 150 students, including talented and passionate dancers, models, choreographers, student designers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, a technical crew, interns and the executive committee. VCFS aspires to promote social responsibility, providing these ambitious leaders the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities through original

choreography and clothing collections, while simultaneously giving back to their community in a meaningful way. Although one of the largest clubs on Queen’s University campus, VCFS has developed a tight-knit community of club members, alumni, and supporters, all of whom are instrumental in helping us achieve our fundraising goals. Attracting over 2000 viewers to our show annually, we strive to maintain our reputation as one of the best sources of entertainment not only for Queen’s University students, but also for the Kingston community. This year, the Vogue Charity Fashion Show will take place February 28th, March 1st and 2nd at Queen’s University’s new Isabel Bader Centre Theatre.

2007- $23,000 for Kingston General Hospital
2008- $28,000 for Kingston Youth Shelter
2009- $32,000 for Queen’s Camp Outlook
2010- $25,000 for Literacy Development
2011- $27,000 for Learning Disabilities Kingston
2012- $22,000 for Kingston Home Base Housing
2013- $44,000 for The Sunshine Foundation
2014- $44,000 for Community Living Kingston

Vogue Charity Fashion Show is a completely student run organization; from brainstorming to execution, the final show is one hundred percent a demonstration of the hard work and dedication that we commit ourselves to for the entire year. Every year we look for around 150 students to join our family.